"Growing innovators who will change the world"

Our Mission:

We prepare students with the essential skills and experiences of innovative thinking to cultivate habits of finding new solutions for real world challenges.

We will achieve our mission by following these core values:

Passion: Passion is a powerful and driving force in learning. The way to a student's mind is through their heart. We will cultivate a learning environment that engages our student's passions and drives their desire to learn. 

Relationships: Cultivating relationships is essential to our children's well being, learning, and success in life's endeavors. We are a small community in a global world--we are all connected. Relationships are about our connections to others. Significant learning depends on significant relationships within the school and its community. These relationships are the foundations for increased social and civic service.

Personalized Learning: Our challenge is to meet the needs of every child. Understanding student learning styles, weaknesses, and passions are essential if we expect our students to become self-directed, life-long learners. We will look to curriculum, instruction and personalized planning to transform ourselves into a student focused education program.

Planning for Growth: We will always be learning, and it is important that we cultivate students who become responsible for planning their own growth and character development.