Welcome to the Curriculum and Instruction part of the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union. Please check back to see what resources we have for teachers.

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Windham Southwest Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 

Welcome to the Windham Southwest Supervisory Union! There are various ways throughout our supervisory union for faculty and staff to participate in professional development and learning opportunities. These include participating in study groups around a focused topic or content area, attending workshops and conferences, and serving on committees or teachers’ assemblies. New book study groups, committees, and teachers’ assemblies (professional learning communities) form all year long and throughout the summer around chosen topics.  

Listed below are several study groups, workshops, teachers’ assemblies, committees and professional learning communities that you may be interested in joining or would like to learn more about:

  • Curriculum Mapping, Assessment and Instruction Committees
  • Inquiry-based Science Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction / Gifted and Talented / Enrichment 
  • Health Education  
  • Math Study / Best Practices Implementation Committee
  • Writing Benchmarks Study Groups
  • Thinking Maps Training and Workshops 
  • Critical Thinking / Technology Innovations 
  • Examining Student Work / Critical Friends    
  • Formative Assessment Teachers’ Assemblies
  • Common Core and Local Assessments, GE Alignment Committee Work  
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions / Conflict Resolution  
  • Literacy Leadership Initiatives 
  • Peer Mentoring, New Teacher Orientation, and Co-Teaching

Check the Vermont Department of Education web-site and the WSSU web-site for announcements about professional development and upcoming events.

Best wishes for a great school year!