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WSWSU Central Office
1 School Street
Wilmington, VT 05363-0490
Phone: 802-464-1300
Fax: 802-464-1303


Superintendent of Schools

Barbara Anne Komons-Montroll  

Business Manager

Karen Atwood Ext 114

Director of Special Ed

Tate Erickson Ext 113

Director of Curriculum
Technology Integration

Michael RobbGrieco Ext 124


Administration Support Staff

Admin. Asst to Superintendent

Susan Courchesne

Ext 110

Business Admin. Assistant/HR

Brande Pike Veragut Ext 115

Assistant Clerk-AP

Betsy Moseley Ext 118

Special Ed Admin Assist/
Medicaid Clerk

Jennifer Jordan Ext 116

School Psychologist

Dina Casey Ext 111

EEE Coordinator

Kathy Rapp Ext 122

EEE  Teacher

Melanie Boyd Ext 123


Contact us at:  1 School Street
Wilmington, VT 05363
phone: 802-464-1300     fax: 802-464-1303