Multi-Tiered System of Supports

A multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) is a comprehensive, evidence-based, and systemic framework for teaching and learning that unifies general and special education in an intentional, ongoing collaboration.

  • MTSS is designed to meet students’ academic and non-academic needs.
  • MTSS provides students with differentiated and intensified assessment, instruction, and intervention.
  • MTSS relies on appropriately qualified professionals and their expertise to implement the framework. (adapted from the VT MTSS Field Guide)

In 2015 Vermont‘s Title 16 (16 V.S.A. § 2902) replaced the term Education Support System with Tiered System of Support. The term also appears in the Vermont State Board of Education Rules Series 2000 – Education Quality Standards under 2121.5.  More than just a name change, a Multi-tiered System of Support provides a framework that “at a minimum, include an educational support team, instructional and behavioral interventions, and accommodations that are available as needed for any student who requires support beyond what can be provided in the general education classroom, and may include intensive, individualized interventions for any student requiring a higher level of support.”

Accessing MTSS supports in Twin Valley Schools

Tier 1 - Teachers support students learning through classroom instruction. Any concerns at this tier are directed to teachers, guidance, administration.

Tier 2 - Students at this tier are supported through additional measures as planned by the Educational Support Team or 504 (Americans with Disabilities Act) team that are reflected in students’ individual EST/504 plans.  Contact EST Team through classroom teacher or 504 through school 504 coordinator. 

Tier 3 - Specialized instruction is the focus of this tier.  Special educators in our schools organize a team for assessment, qualification, planning and instruction.  Contact your school’s special educator at this tier.