Middle/High School Staff Directory

Ms. Emily Beeman

Foreign Language

  • sites.google.com/view/beeman-spanish/ (opens in new window)

Ms. Amanda Bolduc

HS Language Arts

Mr. Christopher Brown

MS Physical Ed/Athletic Dir

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/mr-brown---physical-eduction-health-director-of-athletics/home (opens in new window)

Mr. Curtis Carroll


Dr. Dina Casey

School Psychologist

  • sites.google.com/tvhs.k12.vt.us/cormack-art/home (opens in new window)

Mr. Tate Erickson

Director of Special Education

Ms. Dottie Fisher

Administrative Assistant

Trevor Gardner

Social Studies

Mr. Dale George

Head Custodian

Ms. Sarah Grant

HS Science

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/grant-biology/?pli=1 (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/tvmhs-special-education-department/ (opens in new window)

Ms. Jessica Hammond

MS 7/8 Science Grade

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/ms-hammond-s-middle-school-science/home (opens in new window)

Mr. Buddy Hayford

HS PE & Athletic Director

  • www.twinvalleyschooldistrict.us/middle-high-school/extracurricular/athletics (opens in new window)

Michaela Hearst

Student Assistance

Joel Hernandez

Wood and Metal Shop

Kathy Hescock

Cafeteria Helper

Mr. Charles Hess

Driver Ed

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/mrs-horton-s-classroom/ (opens in new window)

Ms. Mary Immekus

MS 7/8 Language Arts

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/tvmhs-7-8-language-arts/home (opens in new window)

Ms. Suzette Kingman


  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/ckurucz/home (opens in new window)
  • iec.yolasite.com/ (opens in new window)

Mrs. Maryann Lozito

Senior Administrative Assistant/Accounts Manager

Mrs. Jollene Mahon

School Nurse

  • sites.google.com/tvhs.k12.vt.us/healthoffice/home (opens in new window)
  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/mundt-ms-hs-art/ (opens in new window)

Andy Oyer

Assitant Principal

Mr. Alonzo Paige

Food Service Manager

Ms. Denise Piffard

HS Guidance Counselor

Ms. Mary Pike-Sprenger

Speech Language Para

Ms. Laurie Richard

MS Special Ed

  • sites.google.com/tvhs.k12.vt.us/mrsrichard/home (opens in new window)

Ms. Anna Roth


Ms. MK Simpson

Library/Blended Learning Coordinator

Ms. Susan Sopper

HS Social Studies

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/susan-s-site/ (opens in new window)

Ms. Elizabeth Turro

HS Social Studies

  • sites.google.com/tvhs.k12.vt.us/ms-elizabeth-turro/home (opens in new window)

Laura Urquhart

6th Grade Math and Science

  • urquharttvhs6.weebly.com/ (opens in new window)

Mr. Jeffrey Ward

MS Guidance

  • sites.google.com/tvhs.k12.vt.us/mrwardssite/home (opens in new window)

Mrs. Karen Wheeler

MS Paraprofessional

Mr. Robert Wolf

HS Science

  • sites.google.com/a/tvhs.k12.vt.us/mr-wolf/ (opens in new window)