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2022-23 Co-Curricular Handbook

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Interscholastic sports we offer at TVMHS:

  • FALL: Soccer, Golf
  • WINTER: Basketball, Snowboarding 
  • SPRING: Baseball, Softball, Track & Field

Forms to be returned prior to participating in athletics:

If you wish your student to participate in athletic activities sponsored by the school it is necessary that you fill in the forms below and return them to school ASAP. Students will not be allowed to participate until all of these forms have been returned.  Once all paperwork has been signed and returned to the school we assume that your permission has been granted for your child to participate in any school sponsored athletic activity  throughout the year, unless otherwise notified in writing.

Other Information

Insurance Letter from the School District
Concussion Action Plan 



Prior to participation in interscholastic athletics, each student must have had a Well Exam every year.  Well Exams or Physicals are no longer provided by the school.  If you are aware of any medical reason that may restrict your child's participation, please do not sign the permission slip.  Please call the coach regarding any medical restrictions.

As most of you know, despite all precautions, injuries occur in athletics.  Most of these are minor cuts, bruises, and sprains which result in little or no restrictions on a students ability to attend school, and complete assigned work, or even participate in athletics.  True catastrophic injuries are extremely rare especially among students participating in the sports offered at Twin Valley HS.  We make every effort to see that coaches and athletes are properly trained and that equipment and facilities are safe.

In spite of our best efforts though, it is possible that serious injury can occur.  Broken bones and concussions may happen in contact sports.  Although extremely rare and found most often in sports such as football, there are cases of injury that result in paralysis.

Our intent is not to scare you or dissuade you from allowing your child to play sports.  We simply want you to make an informed decision  in this regard.  If you would like further information or would like to discuss this matter further please contact the coach or athletic director.


All students participating in athletics must be covered by accident insurance.  The opportunity to purchase school group accident insurance is provided.  These forms are available from the coach or main office.  You may cover your child with your own private accident insurance.  Please fill out the information on the attached form indicating which type of insurance your child is covered by.


Every effort is made to supply participants with proper equipment, good uniforms, and qualified coaching.  No charge to the student is made for this equipment, however, we do require a uniform deposit.  All school issued equipment  must be returned within one week after the close of the season.  Anyone not returning equipment loaned to them will be ineligible for the following season.  


Co-Curricular Eligibility: 

The Twin Valley School District recognizes the vital contributions that athletics and co-curricular activities make to the academic, social, emotional, and personal development of our students, and the district strongly encourages all students to participate in the diverse athletic and co-curricular programs offered by Twin Valley Middle High School. Through their involvement in teams, clubs, and peer groups, students learn essential life skills, assume personal responsibility, strengthen character traits, acquire leadership abilities, and build lifelong relationships. Students who elect to play sports, participate in student governance, or join a school group, club, or team make a voluntary commitment to these pursuits and earn the privilege of representing their school and community.

Student participation in athletics and co-curricular activities is viewed as an integral component of the learning process, and for this reason our eligibility policy is intended to be motivational in design rather than disciplinary. Yet while interscholastic athletics and co-curricular activities complement and enhance the academic program, school attendance must remain focused, first and foremost on learning the knowledge, skills, and habits of work that every graduate needs to succeed in adult life. The district’s eligibility policy for interscholastic athletics and co-curricular programs are designed to ensure that academic learning and achievement remain a top priority for every student.

A. Communicating Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements

The athletic administrator, under the direction of the principal, shall be responsible for ensuring that accurate, up-to-date information concerning the academic eligibility policy is communicated to coaches, activity advisors, teachers, students, parents, and the public. This information may be shared through the following: (1) published annually in the student and family handbook, (2) posted on the school website, (3) explained in the athletic code of conduct, and (4) discussed in relevant student and parent meetings offered throughout the school year.

As soon as it is practical and feasible, the principal and athletic administrator are to inform all students and their families of any modifications made to the school’s academic eligibility policy, which extends to all applicable changes in relevant state statutes, rules, or regulations.


B. Eligibility Guidelines

The following procedure applies to all interscholastic athletics and co-curricular activities offered, organized, or sanctioned by the school, including:

  • Games, competitions, tournaments, scrimmages, performances, debates, and exhibitions;
  • Practice sessions, rehearsals, training opportunities, team meetings, club gatherings, or other planning and preparatory activities;
  • Tryouts, auditions, interviews, and other selective activities, such as Student Leadership or Wildcat Community Group
  • Elected or appointed leadership roles, including team captaincies or student leadership roles


C. Academic Eligibility Procedure

The principal or athletic director will check grades every two weeks for all in-season student athletes and co-curricular participants. An average grade of lower than 2.80 in any class will result in a documented warning. Additionally, a teacher may place a student in warning for a specific documented reason.  For example, a student who is not completing required work over a period of time. The warning will be communicated to the student, parents/guardians, coach/advisor, and the student’s teachers. Grades of 2.8 or lower or specific reports from a teacher at the end of the initial two week period of warning in any course will determine eligibility intervention (one event suspension), or demonstrated improvement. Grades and teacher input will be requested after two week to determine continued eligibility.  Continual low scores or specific teacher reports after an initial one event suspension will result in additional game suspensions. At the start of a new semester, eligibility will be determined by the previous semester’s last two week eligibility check.