Windham Southwest Supervisory Union Mission and Vision Statement


Windham Southwest Supervisory Union creates pathways for our students to become powerful communicators, critical thinkers, and collaborators who use empathy and take responsibility for relationships, lifelong learning, and adaptability in our changing world.


Twin Valley Middle High School prepares students with the essential competencies as identified by our Portrait of Student Success Design Team. We are guided by our core values as we ensure our students’ success.


Twin Valley Middle High School prioritizes the following competencies:

ADAPTABILITY: Demonstrate agility, creativity, and flexibility in thoughts and actions to negotiate a range of different views, roles, and situations

COMMUNICATION: Articulate thoughts and ideas, listen and respond effectively, decipher meaning, and build on others’ ideas for a range of purposes and audiences

COLLABORATION: Build collective commitment and action to achieve group goals by leveraging strengths, defining roles, sharing feedback, seeking diverse perspectives, and debating respectfully

CRITICAL THINKING: Analyze and evaluate meaning, significance, and impacts using evidence and inference while considering multiple perspectives

EMPATHY: Listen to, engage with, and care for the feelings, emotions, and experiences of others by practicing awareness, consideration, validation, respect, and sensitivity

RESPONSIBILITY: Act honestly, demonstrate care, honor commitments, seek help, repair harm, resolve conflicts, and consider consequences for risks while contributing to the community and greater good